Egypt’s SICO eyes African smartphone market

Silicon Industries Corporation (SICO), Egypt’s first smartphone maker is looking to expand its arm in the other markets in Africa.

SICO Sales Director Mahmoud Ali while talking to Reuters said, “It’s a promising market and there’s much less competition than in the Gulf.”

SICO which exports its smartphone to many Gulf countries is aiming to establish their brand in Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique and Kenya.

So far Chinese have invested in Africa while setting up the mobile manufacturing unit in different parts of Africa. Companies like Transsion, Huawei has been successful to lure the people by their affordable prices.

SICO which was set up in 2017 is expecting to triple its total production by 500,000 units in 2018 to 1.5 million units in 2019. It also offers to sell smartphones at the African market with the price range of USD 50 to USD 60.

The number of mobile connections per year in Africa grows an average of 30 per cent and set to reach at 1500 million by 2020. These demand has given an upsurge to the telecommunication industry. Countries like Kenya and Ghana are the leading nations which saw a rise in the revenue by this sector.

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