Cuppy signs new deal with label company, Platoon, for release of her debut album – New Telegraph

Nigerian DJ and artist, DJ Cuppy has announced that her new album will be released through label services company, Platoon.
This comes a few weeks after she was announced as the new host of Africa Now on Apple Music. Her debut album which will be titled Original Copy is said to be ready and primed for release. Over the past three years, Platoon has increased its reach in African countries by handing out advances to several acts in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and so forth.

Speaking with Billboard, the company’s CEO, Denzyl Feigelson, said: “I want artists to be able to manage their music on our platform; get services like health care, legal and accounting; learn about publishing, touring, how you market; and conquer things like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch because if I help them grow their businesses, it’s only helping us grow our business, too. And we’re doing that in all kinds of ways.”
After being acquired by Apple a few years ago, Cuppy is the first Nigerian act to have signed with the label service company for the release of a debut album.

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