Brisk business from “Lazy Nigerian Youth” T-Shirts, Caps

The President left London on Saturday morning following the end of the 3-day meeting where he met with British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and other world leaders.

“While Nigerians are still countering and criticizing the statement made by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday who accused youths of loving freebies above working hard, one ‘lazy Nigerian youth” has chose to turn the controversial statement into a profitable business by printing T-shirts and caps with the caption: “Lazy Nigerian youths”.

He continued, “if Nigeria was without opportunities for the youths like this when President Buhari was a youth, he would have probably ended up as a local farmer, rearing cows in Daura”.

He said the fake account, conspicuously different from the authentic one, was used to post a message on April 17, at 9.07 a.m.

The President also caused a stir in Nigeria with his comment at the business forum.

“For the person sitting in London and who has a billion dollars to invest, he’s got Nigeria, he’s got Ghana, he’s got Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa”.

“Nigerians are not surprised that the President returned last night, empty handed and with no tangible dividend, a development which is the direct effect of his negative comments about Nigerians and his presentation of false performance indices to his hosts”.

“This self-serving stance ultimately blocked all beneficial bilateral engagements that could have helped secure the much needed global interventions in those critical areas”.

According to the party, Nigerian youths are vibrant and possess enough physical and mental strength to contribute to nation building and therefore deserve to talk down upon as done by the president.

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