Australia-Africa Week to discuss growth and investment opportunities

Andrew Barnes, the Australian high Commissioner

Andrew Barnes, the Australian high Commissioner

From 27 August to September 1, 2018, Perth in Western Australia will host the Australia-Africa Week, gathering several mining and economic industry players to discuss pertinent issues for growth and investment opportunities.

Built around the Africa Down Under (ADU)) Conference since 2002, the Australia-Afrcia Week is expected to highlight emerging investments and interests for a possible partnership in mining and education.

Apart from the ADU, the Australia-Africa Week would come with several other important events. These include the Australia-Africa Trade, Investment and Cultural Expo, the Australia-Africa Universities Network Forum, a technology and infrastructure conference, research forum as well as a Women in Leadership forum.

Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Mrs Barbara Oteng Gyasi and deputy Minister of Education in charge of Tertiary, Professor Kwesi Yankah are expected to address different sessions of the conference.

Australian Investments

Africa is reported to be the largest investment market for Australian extractive industry with more than 200 Australian companies operating in Africa with an estimated $30 billion invested in extractive projects alone in Africa.

Australia, a giant in mining and the extractive industry would share its experience in using best practices and championing environmental standards. This is because Australia has strict rules that governs the conduct of Australian companies that operating offshore.

Africa has about 30 per cent of the world’s mineral resources but accounts for less than 10 per cent of global mineral production. It is therefore critical that countries ensure necessary systems and structures are instituted to avoid the negative impact natural resources have on the democratic development.

The week’s events are expected to challenge the investments and interests of Australia and Africa and explore new efficient and mutually beneficial collaborations and linkages for optimized benefits.

It would also provide opportunity to help build linkages for capacity development and training through knowledge sharing.

Aus-Africa Trade Expo

The Trade, Investment and Cultural exhibition, one of the week’s major events would be a major platform bringing business executives and potential investors, buyers and sellers together to explore opportunities for possible partnerships, market produce and sharing of ideas.

Exhibitors are expected from the mining, agro, food processing, aquaculture, fashion and textiles, communication and information technology. Others will be from the social and health services, infrastructure and real estate.

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Andrew Barnes says “it is a big platform for the two continents to collaborate on different levels for maximised results and especially for Africa to attract foreign direct investments’.

Participating countries include Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mauritius.

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