Non Profit

Non for Profit Organizations

 Networking Academy 


A Networking Academy is about bringing technology education, 21st-century skills, and improved job prospects to millions of students in Nigeria. We can work through a number of NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations). With its blended learning model that combines classroom instruction with online curricula and interactive tools, Networking Academy epitomizes how technology can enrich learning. Networking Academy prepares people for careers and further education in the ICT field while improving economic outlook for people and communities in Nigeria.


LEAP  (leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism) Africa.



Established in 2002, LEAP Africa provides leadership, ethics and management training and coaching for youth, business owners, social entrepreneurs and the public sector


Teachers without Borders


Established its presence in Nigeria in 2001, a non-profit, non-denominational, international NGO devoted to closing the education divide through teacher professional development and community education.


Independent Living Programme (ILP).


This is an independent living Programme for persons with disabilities and MTN Foundation partnership project that seeks to support persons/economic status with disabilities through provision of mobility aids and appliances to improve their accessibility and socio/economic status. This program is founded and run by persons with disability whose mission is to empower their fellow Nigerians who also are disabled. The Independent Living Project (ILP)., ILP is tasked with the responsibility of selecting the beneficiaries, organizing the distribution of the mobility aids and appliances to the beneficiaries and proper documentation of the beneficiaries for follow up purposes to ensure maximum impact on the lives of the beneficiaries. Ultimately, the Disability Support Project aims to ensure that persons living with disability are more independent, economically productive, socially viable, have improved self-esteem and are free to move around and go about their daily activities.


Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Centre (MAARDEC)


Is founded and run by persons with disability whose mission is to empower their fellow Nigerians who also are disabled. The Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Center (MAARDEC) MAARDEC supplies and distributes the mobility aids and appliances to all the distribution centers across the country.


UNICEF Nigeria


Provide Polio vaccinations and Anti Malaria medications for kids or distribution of treated Nets in the communities where we do business.


African Artists’ Foundation (AAF)


Established in 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria, African Artists’ Foundation aims to encourage the highest standard of art in Africa. African Artists’ Foundation serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity. By providing assistance to professional and emerging artists in Africa and support to international exhibitions and community outreach programmes, African Artists’ Foundation views the contribution to a strong cultural landscape in Africa as a transformative element in driving social change.


Diaspora African Women’s Network


DAWN is an idea born out of necessity. Geared towards supporting Africa’s next generation of women diaspora leaders, we are a membership based organization that seeks to develop and support the next generation of African diaspora women leaders focused on African affairs.

Through our core principles known as the SEEDS, DAWN seeks to promote Sisterhood, Excellence, Empowerment, Diversity and Service by providing our members with leadership, mentorship and professional opportunities related to Africa, connecting and empowering them, and by promoting community service projects in minority and immigrant neighborhoods.

Today, we have 240 members who hail from 31 African countries and the United States, Europe, Caribbean, South America, and the Middle East. Each woman is a proven community leader with a professional focus on issues affecting Africa.