17 Best-Paying Jobs In Nigeria

May 7, 2015

Like many African countries, Nigeria’s informal sector takes the lead when it comes to creating jobs.

But in some formal sectors, Nigeria is bypassing developed countries when it comes to compensating employees.

For the first time in 2014, Nigeria was listed among the highest paying contract jobs in oil and gas sector worldwide, according to oil and gas manpower provider, Swift Worldwide Resources.

In September, Swift CEO Tobias Read, said, “Nigeria has seen unprecedented growth in (oil and gas) industry activity, and workers there are compensated for the risks that come with working in the more dangerous areas, accounting for the increase in salary ranges. Salaries in the U.S. are climbing, but salaries in,..emerging markets (such as Nigeria) are climbing faster.”

Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics reported a 5.1 percent drop in new formal jobs created in the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to the previous quarter, CNBCAfrica reported.

Data from the International Labour Organisation and National Bureau of Statistics for the first quarter of 2013 showed that 53 percent of new jobs in Nigeria had come from the informal sector, which is made up of more than 17 million businesses and enterprises. By comparison, the formal sector was responsible for 41 percent of new jobs, while the public sector generated 6 percent of new additions to Nigeria’s job market, BusinessDay reported.

Salary Explorer reports that the average annual salary in Nigeria for the country’s top 62 highest-paying jobs is 7,577,058 naira, or $38,066US.

We’ve listed 17 best-paying jobs in Nigeria. Check them out here.


17. Engineer — 7,200,000 naira ($36,180.93US)


general manager 450742131

16. General Manager — 7,383,300 naira ($37,102.04US)

(Executive and management)

https://d22atgph1ebwrd.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/2015/05/456580651.jpg  manager

15. Project manager (business planning) 8,750,000 naira ($43,969.88US)

(construction, building, installation)


14. Contract specialist (purchasing and inventory) 9,600,000 naira ($48,241.24US)


13. Developer/programmer (general, information technology), 11,774,880 naira ($59,170.30US)



12. Managing director (executive and management), 11,880,000 naira ($59,698.54US)


11. Controller (accounting and finance), 13,392,000 naira ($67,296.54US)


10. Sales engineer, 14,400,000 naira ($72,361.87US)

181214629 human resources

9. Human resources manager, 15,390,000 naira ($77,336.75US)

181214440 insurance underwriter

8. Senior insurance underwriter, 17,400,000 naira ($87,437.26US)

98867716 logistics manager warehouse

7. Logistics manager, 17,400,00 naira ($87437.26US)

(Executive and Management)

AB13623 Worker at natural gas booster station, sunset, silhouette

6. Electric and gas operations manager, 19,006,500 naira ($95,510.13US)

(Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)


5. Equipment engineer, 22,800,000 naira ($114,572.96US)

200316782-001 water treatment plant

4. Water treatment superintendent, 25,300,000 naira ($127,135.78US)

82953189 Portrait of a businessman holding a golf club CEO

3. Chief executive officer, 32,400,000 naira ($162,814.21US)

(Executive and Management)

78164837 legal services director

2. Legal services director, 36,000,000 naira ($180,904.68US)


1. Company vice president, 60,000,000 naira ($301,507.80US)

(Executive and Management)

Source: AFK Insider

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