12 Things That Make Ethiopia The Best Tourism Destination In The World

It is not unbelievable that Ethiopia received the highest accolade as the World Best Tourism Destination by the leading European Council on Tourism and Trade earlier this year. The Coffee producing nation is rich in tradition and has a laundry list of incredible things to do in a relatively small area. It’s also growing more and more popular for travelers as it’s a safe and affordable destination.

The visitor numbers to the East African nation have risen by 12 percent over the last 10 years. It currently gets about 750,000 tourists each year. Here are 12 things that make Ethiopia one of the best tourist destination in the world.


Promoting of its imperial past

The landlocked Ethiopia promotes its imperial past through such things as the below ground 13th century churches of the Labibela which are hewn from solid rock. It also esteems itself by having the hill castles of Gondar.


The capital Addis Ababa

The transformations from the starvation years and the ‘Red Terror’ purges of the 1970s are laid plain to see right within the country’s capital city.

The ruin of the temple at Yeha, Tigray region, Ethiopia. (image: wikipedia.org)

Excellent preservation of hallmarks of humanity

The country still owns some of the most magnificent history of ancient humanity. The ruins of the city of Aksum being the heart of ancient Ethiopia, Fasil Ghebbi which was a residence of Ethiopian Emperors over the years. The 82 mosques of Harar Jugol show the prevalence of ancient Islamic culture.


Ethiopia is cheap and affordable

The country’s economical state is stable thus one can keep occupied for weeks without much worry of expenditure. It is also endowed with delicious foods, friendly people and the climate is awesome.


The Konso cultural landscape

This is a continuous 55 kilometer stonewalled terraces and fortified settlements. There is the lower valley of Awash where it is believed humanity made his first steps. The landscape harbors Lucy’s fossils, one of the oldest archaeological finding of human beings presence in the world.



The Danakil Depression

This is one of the hottest and driest areas on earth having average temperature of about 35 degree Celsius. The place is dotted with active volcanoes, hot springs and lava lakes



Harar is an ancient holy city which goes back to about 1520.It has the famed ancient buildings and impressive city walls. It has approximately 99 mosques and it oozes old Islamic culture. The ultimate attraction is the ‘wild’ hyenas.


The Rift valley scenery

The Rift Valley is absolutely a must visit sight in Ethiopia. With the hot springs, beautiful lakes, diverse African wildlife. There is the passage of seven lakes and each of lakes has unique feature of its own.


The Blue Nile Falls

This is probably another place not to be missed. The falls are formed by the longest river in Africa. This falls creates the one of the most spectacular views in Africa.

Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia (image: youtube.com)


This is probably one of the new wonders of the world. The medieval settlement that lies perched in the midst of an extensive rock church complex. It is accompanied with the rock-hewn monolithic churches


Omo Valley (Image: commons.wikimedia.org)

The Omo Valley

This is the one of the few place in the world you can find indigenous people that have no outside influence. The Omo Valley is therefore for African safaris.



Simien mountains

This is a UNESCO world Heritage site with unique formations of mountains. There is availability of treks into the national parks where you can find unique combinations of animals and landscapes

Source: Lillian Mutiso, AFK Insider

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