10 Countries in Africa With the Lowest Corruption, as Latest Corruption Index Emerges

There are issues of corruption in some African countries which many say hinder their advancementA newly released corruption index shows that 10 African countries are below the wrung of the ladderAccording to Transparency International, about 180 countries were surveyed and ranked in the latest index

Transparency International’s recently released Corruption Perception Index report showed that 90 per cent of the 180 countries investigated scored below 50.

There were 44 countries with low corruption perception index scores in Africa.

African countries with the lowest corruption
Credit: ZOOM DOSSO / Contributor
Source: Getty ImagesWhat corruption does to countries

A Business Insider report states that African countries rank better than others.

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According to Transparency International, the abuse of entrusted power for private gain constitutes corruption. It erodes trust, weakens democracy, stalls economic development and further heightens inequality, poverty, social division and the environmental crisis.

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There has been increased corruption which is encouraged by dictatorship, political or institutional instability and security challenges caused by violent clashes and terrorism.

Understanding Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index

The organisation uses the corruption perception index to rank countries on a scale of zero to 100. With Zero as the most corrupt and 100 as the least corrupt.

The index has tracked public sector corruption across the globe since 1995.

According to its attest CPI report, the average index score in Africa is 33 which is the least in the world.

The latest CPI report reveals that the average index score in Africa is 33, the lowest in the world.

Africa’s least corrupt countriesSeychelles: 70.Carbo Verde: 58.Botswana: 55.Mauritius: 54. The DRC: 53.Namibia: 49.Sao Tome & Principe: 45.Tunisia: 44.South Africa: 44.Ghana: 43.New data shows 15 Africa’s most expensive cities to live in in 2022

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Legit.ng reported that as the prices of consumer goods and energy prices surge across Africa and the world, the impact on people’s finances and purchasing powers continue to be depleted. The cost of living index examines the cost of living in a city in comparison to others.

It also looks at the price of consumer goods, rent, and cost of healthcare, among others.

According to Wikipedia, the cost of living index is a price index that measures the cost of living over time or regions.

Source: Legit.ng

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